In the financial system, the accessibility to information that is relevant and reliable is crucial for market players or investors to make informed investment decisions. The availability and timeliness of accurate key economic data is the hallmark of transparent economies that promote credibility and minimize uncertainty and speculation in the financial markets. Disclosure of information has the potential to increase market discipline and reduce fraudulent activities, irregularities in trading and its related operations.To meet the challenges ahead and increased sophistication of customer demand, the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited exploited the information technology to innovate a centralized corporate announcement system 'PUCARS' for the Pakistan Stock Market.

The prime objective of this portal is to provide the equal opportunity for all the market participants by disseminating financial information to the stakeholders on real time basis in a secure manner. The posting of announcement through PUCARS portal is mandatory for all listed companies and for issuers of listed securities as per the Notice KSE/N-3611 dated July 15, 2015


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